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The Best Video Lighting

If you want to look good you have to be well lit. You have to be well lit. So lighting is key. Here’s the trick: Daylight is best. Daylight is BEST. It’s great on every skin color, every skin tone, every skin type. Daylight, daylight, daylight. So what’s the best daylight? It’s this daylight. That is daylight… we call that… what do we call that, Brad? Is that the magic time? The afternoon or the Golden Time? Like that’s what photographers call this because the sun is setting and I was out at the beach. This was August. I look like I’m 20 years old. I was like, wow, that’s awesome. So the sun was just at the place in the sky where it just casts that beautiful golden light and it’s fantastic.So the early morning, I prefer not having to get up in the early morning and shoot a video, but the early morning, dawn and dusk, are beautiful, beautiful lighting times. We know this, sunrise and sunset. The other thing that you have to know is that you’ve got to position yourself, we’re getting into longer days finally, what you want to do is just position your camera in front of a window. The window’s light is on you. So all the videos that you see me do are videos that I am lit from the front, usually with window light.

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