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The ONLY Video Equipment You Will Ever Need

2 thoughts on “The ONLY Video Equipment You Will Ever Need”

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Love the notion of keeping it simple!
    You mention a computer and a window – but you don’t provide any detail on the teleprompter. I’ve used a professional teleprompter and crew – which was awesome – but to be able to reproduce that on a small scale and shoot from my office would be great. So pray tell about how to simplify the teleprompter aspect of this!
    Cheers, Dolly

    1. Hi Dolly, thanks for your comment. The context is lacking in that this is a small slice of a 3-day seminar. I was talking about doing very short videos (1 minute give or take), which should not require the use of a prompter. At this point, I’ve done so many, I don’t need a prompter for weekly videos that are much longer than that. However, for important videos (website, squeeze pp, optin pp, etc.) I do use a teleprompter on my iPhone/iPad called ProPrompter, a cheap app. I then position it so it is at the level of the webcam lens, and I sit far enough away to create the illusion I am not reading. Honestly, there’s more to it. If you want to hop on a call, happy to do that. Just email me. RS

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