No matter how long you’ve been in business, no matter how much you love what you do – or how much people love you – and, critically, no matter how smart you are, if you cannot command the stage and the camera, you will continue to struggle, continue to be underpaid and under-recognized, and continue to labor to attract paying customers. The ability to deliver a confident presentation is the single critical factor that eliminates each and every one of those obstacles more quickly than anything else.

When you have a commanding presence, these things come to you. You become a magnet.

  • Instead of having to constantly go out and find your public, the public finds you.
  • You no longer have to seek out partners, you just have to choose the ones you want to work with.
  • Most importantly, you no longer have to beg people to work with you, they beg you to work with them.

This is my dream for you.

Whether you are looking for presentation skills training, public speaking coaching, media training, video presentation training, or key message development, we have a program that’s a perfect fit.


I wanted to send you a big thank you. It is all so much easier, and significantly less stressful. I am also prepared for quips, as they love to interrupt and heckle. Now I am ready for them.

- Anita Cates, RN, Founder, Diabetes Education Center, Nassau, Bahamas

Wow – I can’t believe it was a year ago we started. I need to post my home page video to the Facebook page to show everyone what you can do.

- Jason Rosenblum, Esq, "The Attorney to Coaches"

Speech Coaching, Training & Consulting

This program, tailored for entrepreneurs and service professionals, covers the skills and techniques required for public speaking events whether on working your own stage or someone else’s. More...

Video Presentation Training, Coaching, & Consulting

Online video presentation has taken the business world by storm and is rapidly becoming is an essential component of the entrepreneur communication toolkit. Video presentation training equips business owners to engage via YouTube, webinars, media, and other on camera settings. More...

Media Training & Coaching

Imagine being able to reach not hundreds, but millions! Ruth’s media training programs prepare entrepreneurs to perform at their “public best” when the media comes calling. This program maximizes confidence and control and minimizes surprises. More...

Key Message Development

To grab attention quickly, your message must be clear and compelling. Program titles, content, speeches, presentations, tag lines, and promotional activities all require a captivating story line and messaging that resonates. More...