Celebrities and public figures require communication training that can only be addressed by partnering with an experienced celebrity coach. Whether media training, public speaking, message development, or other related needs, our programs maximize confidence and control and minimize surprises.

As we have seen time and again, the media can either expedite a person’s public ascension, or quickly and devastatingly take him or her down. All of this is controlled through proper training and management by a qualified celebrity coach. Communication training for celebrities and public figures (as well as those on the cusp of fame), enables these extraordinary professionals to become adept at navigating appearances and media interviews and interactions, subsequently benefiting from the upside, while avoiding the “media slide” that is, unfortunately, so common today, where celebrities and those in the public eye are judged and punished by a single misstep.

Communication training for celebrities ensures they are never caught off guard in a media interview or other public appearance, and comfortably and confidently engage with the press in an intentional and measured way. Some of the areas we cover include:


What you say, how you say it, and how you carry yourself are vital elements of your public persona, and lead/add to your brand value. Well-known celebrity coach, Ruth Sherman, through her communication training for celebrities and public figures, trains her famous clients to treat these appearances as a performance where they simply play an enhanced version of themselves… their “public best.”

Thank you so much, Ruth.  I could not have done this without you. I have offers to speak at other conferences. You are the best coach in the world and I feel so blessed to call you a friend.

- Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer MD, Schique Beauty

Ruth Sherman is a consummate professional. Her ability to work with high profile talent and make them feel at ease and confident when presenting themselves in public is a rare talent. She is intelligent, perceptive and a pleasure to work with.

- Donna Daniels, CEO, Donna Daniels Public Relations

Ruth is a top professional and one of the few media trainers I can depend on to work with my A-list clients. She understands their fears, vulnerabilities, and gives them the confidence and skills they need to always maintain control of any public appearance or interview situation. She instills in them the importance of controlling the messaging and directing the conversation. Ruth also possesses a most engaging personality, which is rare in her field.

- Annett Wolf, CEO, Wolf Kasteler Public Relations

I always know, in the most delicate of political situations, and with talent that are often skittish and ill-prepared, that I could trust you to let their own voices come through, without fear of faux pas, without over-worry and over-management. That was always the neat hat-trick, and you've always been the best at it.

- James Schamus, Former CEO Universal Focus Features

Media Training, Coaching and Consulting For Celebrities and Public Figures

Ruth prepares top celebrities and public figures to manage the intense scrutiny inherent in today’s media environment. Through her celebrity media training programs, Ruth readies clients for any public appearance or promotion opportunity, whether broadcast, print, or online.  Her unique and tho...[More]