on stage. on camera. in the media.

Achieving stunning results on impossible deadlines.

A leading executive speech coach and celebrity media trainer, Ruth Sherman now brings her vast knowledge and over 25 years of experience to entrepreneurial and small business clients who wish to master the art of public speaking, presentation, media, message, and video.

Entrepreneur Communication

Startup or storefront. Coach or consultant. Whatever your business, commanding the room, stage, and camera will accelerate visibility, influence, and revenues. Public speaking, presentation, developing clear messages, and video presentation skills are no longer optional. Our entrepreneur communication training programs are for business owners looking to master the skills of speaking whether on your own or someone else’s stage, on video, or in the media, because how you say what you say can make all the difference.

Service Professionals Communication

Physicians, attorneys, CPAs, and other service pros must master the intricacies of speaking and communicating to differentiate among peers, become thought leaders, and attract high-quality clients. Our presentation skills coaching, public speaking training, and media training programs for service professionals will ensure you become recognized as the go-to professional in your field, resulting in increased recognition among stakeholders and the commensurate referrals and fees.