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Stop being the world's best-kept secret.

No matter how skilled you are, how experienced, no matter how many years you’ve been in business, no matter how much you love what you do – or how much people love you – if you do not have a commanding presence in any room, on any platform, on stage, on-camera, and in the media, you will continue to struggle, continue to be underpaid and under-recognized, and continue to labor to attract the highest quality customers and opportunities. The ability to speak and communicate with confidence and charisma is the single, critical factor that eliminates each and every one of those obstacles, pries open the doors to your dreams and gives you the best chance of achieving them faster – much faster – than anything else. SPEAKRETS® is about all that, and more. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


A proven approach to selling yourself and your ideas when and where they matter most.

All successful people excel at selling at least one important product... themselves. They know that every personal contact they make is an opportunity to inspire, motivate, persuade, and advance business and personal interests. The challenge is to make a good impression quickly and grow it into something that will endure. This no-nonsense guide to communication mastery offers proven methods for marketing yourself and your ideas skillfully and successfully, whether you’re talking to your CEO or your PTA. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Speakrets® VideoCharisma® Self-Paced Learning System

Ruth’s flagship program, VideoCharisma® Premier, is now available so you can learn at your own pace. It includes 9 video modules with Ruth on-camera, teaching you everything you need to know about video.

Master the ins and outs of video marketing by focusing on crafting compelling content, creating pro-quality videos, and developing your on-screen image to compel viewers to act. In this 9-module course, you’ll learn the equipment, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, and presentation secrets to build a professional video that positions you as a trusted expert. You’ll also discover how to optimize your YouTube channel to reach a wide audience – because if you’re going to go to all the trouble of shooting videos, you want to be sure people see them!

You’ll also receive downloadable mp3s, templates, checklists, and more to drive the material home and put your newfound knowledge into practice.

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Speakrets® Presentation to Profit:

Ruth’s newest offering, this comprehensive speaking and video program will answer ALL your burning questions and concerns and train you to be incredible on-stage and on-camera so you can stop being the world’s best kept secret!
Over 10 hours of video and audio, including templates, slides, handouts, and links are broken down into 3, easy-to-navigate sections: Charisma On Stage, Charisma On Camera, and Convert Your Charisma To Cash (how to get paid for speaking and video). Each section is also subsequently broken down so you can easily navigate and learn step-by-step at your own pace, in your own time.
Among the many skills Ruth teaches are how to find and tell your most compelling story, creating content and mapping out rhythm to keep audiences rapt, getting past the jitters, video content scripting and production, video marketing and optimization including YouTube, and how to monetize both live and video presentations.
If you’re ready to get paid for your speaking and video, Presentation to Profit is your one-stop-shop!

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Speakrets® VideoCharisma® Home Study Kit

Want to get going with video right now? For a video jumpstart, this product has everything you need.

Included are Ruth’s YouTube Basics Channel Setup Guide: 12 Steps From Setup to Upload That Will Rock Your Biz; her ebook, How to Seduce Any Audience: On Stage. On Camera. In the Media.; her proprietary VideoCharisma® Content Workbook, containing examples, worksheets, and fill-in-the-blank templates; and her Speakrets® mp3, Charisma! Command The Stage, Conquer the Camera & Cash In! that you can download and listen to at your convenience.

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Private Client Programs

Ruth knows for experienced professionals, group programs might not be convenient. They need an accelerator. If mastery is your goal and you are ready to invest, private coaching is the way to go.

From prepping for a TED Talk or other high-stakes presentation, to shooting a professional video — and everything in between — Ruth will customize her coaching to your precise needs. Her private client programs such as Charisma Mastery and VideoCharisma® Elite are legendary, with results to match.

Program length and content are tailored for each client

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