Today’s top executives require leadership communication skills that educate, inspire, and induce action both internally with their teams and externally with their markets. Executive leadership training and coaching enables these leaders to wield the immense power of business communication in an effective and intentional manner allowing them to achieve organizational goals, create clear communication lines, and further the development of a positive bottom line. Ruth’s executive communication training is designed for high-level corporate executives and leaders of emerging businesses, ranging from divisional leaders to the C-Suite. She marries both expertise and discretion, professionalism and measurable results. Her clients, through leadership communication coaching, become excellent at public speaking and presenting, acquire or bolster their “personality brand,” and create considerable movement within their organizations. These advancements in personal effectiveness are also not lost on peer groups.

After working with Ruth, I completely rethought my approach to presenting. Her recommendations and tips were invaluable and I noticed immediate success in better conveying messaging. Attaining presenting expertise is a journey and Ruth has been a tremendous asset to me in this regard.

- Erick Asmussen, CFO, Momentive Performance Materials

I always know, in the most delicate of political situations, and with talent that are often skittish and ill-prepared, that I could trust you to let their own voices come through, without fear of faux pas, without over-worry and over-management. That was always the neat hat-trick, and you've always been the best at it.

- James Schamus, Former CEO, Universal Focus Features

You'll be happy to know that your coaching reaped a fantastic result at the Fairleigh Dickenson University Conference on Leadership! I'll felt totally confident with my presentation...and no PowerPoint! Thank you, Ruth.

- Peg Wright, CEO, The Center For Great Expectations

Ruth is a terrific speech coach. She's helped me elevate the quality of my presentations through inspiring storytelling and has given me practical and useful presentation techniques that truly work! She's a real pro and creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for learning.

- Michael DePrisco, Vice President, PMI

Ruth works with corporate clients across a range of required communication needs:

Executive speech training, coaching & consulting

Executive speech coaching, consulting, and training are tailored for corporate leadership and cover the strategic presentation, public speaking, and leadership communication skills required for high-stakes public speaking events such as keynotes, road shows, major sales presentations, board presenta...[More]

Telepresence and Video Presentation Coaching, Consulting and Training

With the explosion in video teleconferencing technology being used to bring people together online, a relatively new skill that leaders are now required to master is telepresence. Our on-camera video presentation training is for clients looking to master the techniques necessary to engage via vi...[More]

Media Training & Coaching For Executives

The media can work for you or against you in direct relation to your level of preparedness. Media exposure requires leaders to positively convey messages via the press in both official and unscripted capacities. While most media training courses are delivered with a journalist mind-set, ours are del...[More]

Key Message Development & Strategic Communication

Language influences behavior. By developing key messages, we aim to quickly capture attention and provoke action. Whether clients are looking to come up with just the right words for titles and subtitles, program content, presentations or speeches, tag lines, and corporate / promotional content, ...[More]