A well-known and experienced motivational speaker on influencing and persuading, Ruth is known for her breezy, warm, humorous, and infectious style born of her many years of training as a performer and subsequent experience as a top communication and public speaking coach.  Ruth knows better than most that the best motivational speakers involve audiences immediately and keep them engaged throughout via masterful storytelling and the ability to use powerful personal and business experiences to motivate, inspire and persuade.  Great motivational speaking must be confident and captivating.  Ruth practices what she preaches. Audiences are entertained while becoming empowered. They leave Ruth’s inspirational speeches with new skills, ideas, and ways of thinking about all types of communicating, influencing, and persuading that they can apply immediately, leading to success and growth in both their careers and personal lives.

Click here to see Ruth’s Talk @ Google  entitled, “Pennsylvania Avenue to Silicon Valley: The BEST Communicator Wins!” This popular and engaging presentation pulls from Ruth’s expertise in both political communication and business communication, showing how the presenting, influencing, and persuading the presidential candidates use to influence our votes can be adapted to any business environment resulting in increased sales and enhanced corporate and personal brand recognition.

Please see below for a primary list of Ruth’s business motivational speaking topics. Or, if you are ready to book Ruth as a conference speaker for your event, please contact her for more details or to discuss your specific needs.

Speaking & Presenting

Command Any Room: The Power & Purpose to Sell Yourself & Your Ideas

Charisma: Secrets to Powerful Presence to Take You From Presentation to Profit!

Your Million Dollar Voice: Why The Voice You Were Born With Isn’t The Voice You’re Stuck With!


Are You Ready For Your Crisis? Managing  Communication In A Fast-Changing World


A Winning Performance Mindset: How Focused Practice Leads to World-Class Success

Going for Broke: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, and Watch Your Fortunes Soar!


VideoCharisma®! Become Fearless On-Camera To Get Seen & Get Business

Messaging & Language

ATTENTION! Re-Igniting Focus in a World Drowning in Distraction

Why Do I Want A Grandé When A Medium Is The Same Thing AND Cheaper?

Special Presentations

Pennsylvania Avenue to Silicon Valley*: The Best Communicator Wins! (Click here to watch Ruth’s Talk @ Google)

*may be customized to Wall St., Main St., Hollywood Blvd., etc.)

For more information on any program or to discuss a program tailored to your group, contact Ruth.


Ruth Sherman captivates with her presentation on how re-ignite focus. Also, great slide design! Strong, different. Overall well done! Bravo!

- INBOUND 2017

Thank you for your participation in our inaugural mPowering You Summit. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the conference and your session in particular. It was extremely informative and our attendees benefited from hearing your powerful presentation and practical advice. I look forward to working with you again.

- Marcia Davies, COO, Mortgage Bankers Association

Ruth Sherman was excellent, a motivational experience!  Her Speakrets® were a great help… A lot we could take away. We would have enjoyed her for a longer time.

- Fairleigh Dickinson University Women's Conference

Ruth’s presentation received glowing unanimous reviews from our employees. Her message was uniquely crafted for the audience, and allowed for ample discussion. She kept all attentive and engaged, and was the perfect communication overview in this political season.   

- Microsoft

Thank you so much for coming to Google HQ and giving such a wonderful presentation! It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to talk to you. We learned so much.

- Google

Thank you Ruth for an amazingly motivating presentation on having Charisma to achieve successful video blogging! OH, YOU'RE GOOD LADY!

- Linda Rey, CEO, Rey Insurance

I rarely attend live events any more… They’re usually boring because the presenters DON’T command the stage like you do.  In 40 years, this is one of the few I've enjoyed as much as I did!

- Norman Hood, CEO, Policy Settlement Company