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How to Get Paid Much More to Speak, Part 2

This is Ruth Sherman Im a CEO and celebrity speech and media coat but you don’t have to be famous work with me.

Welcome to part 2 of how to make even more money speaking. So last week I talked to you about how you can sell a lot of really good stuff and make a lot more money than you could possibly make. if you were being paid to come in as a speaker, which is the traditional model. It was about doing sponsorship. Go back and look at that video you didn’t have a chance to see.

For this week I want to talk to you about how you can make even more money than sponsorship by hosting your own event. So there are two things that you need to know about hosting your own event: Number one, you don’t have to be big they can be done with as few as 10 or 12 15 people. So what you have to do you have to get the right people in the room and then you have to know

enough about those people to know what they’re looking for and be able to make an offer by delivering the kind content that they are interested in. The second most important thing to know is the amount of your offer, in other words, the dollar value of your offer should be commensurate and by commensurate, I mean aligned with how much time you have on stage so if you are for example speaking at someone else’s event you’ve got forty five minutes on stage and you’re allowed to make an offer don’t go above say anywhere between two and five hundred dollars because you just haven’t had enough time to warm them up to you. If however you are going and doing a one day event to a three day event, you have much more latitude.

So in a one day event I would say you could make an offer anywhere between two to our thousand dollars. Alright, so that is that that number is variable it really depends on who you’re audiences but let’s say two to four thousand dollars for a one day event. Now for a three-day event you really have much more latitude because again you had those whole three days to draw that audience in to read the room, to get to know them to see where they laughed, to see what moves them and of course, make an offer that could be anywhere from let’s say ten thousand dollars all the way up to twenty-five thousand dollars or even more. So remember, if you’re going to host your own events things to remember is that you can host a small event, you can host a larger event, that the amount of your offer is commensurate aligned ethical aligned with the amount of time that you have with your people in the audience and there’s one more thing. You’ve gotta have the right people in the room. If you are marketing your event and you’ve got a bunch of people who are broke don’t expect them to buy anything, What we all have in this business is we’ve all learned that lesson the hard way anyway if you wanna learn more about how to make even more money by speaking from stages and or doing sponsorship, hop on over to where you can download my gift to you. I will see you there.

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