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Your Face Needs Work

Hello there, it’s Ruth Sherman, CEO and Celebrity Speech and Media Coach, but you don’t have to be famous to work with me.

I’m in a really beautiful place right now. I happen to be in Los Angeles. I had to come out here yesterday to work with a celebrity client. And I always like to take advantage of my surroundings, and I’m at a beautiful house, with a gorgeous pool, I just want to show you where I’m at. And right beyond the pool in the distance is the city of Los Angeles.

I wanted to talk to you today about something very important for video and that is your facial expression. Right now, ugh, it’s very bright out here, but I’m trying to keep my face really boring, no muscle movement that gives my words meaning and what ends up happening is my voice gets boring, too. so one of the things that I notice with people in video is they don’t move their brow, they don’t move their cheek, they don’t smile very much and as a result, their voice and the rest of them just seems very limp and very boring.

Instead what you see with me is a tremendous amount of facial animation and I’ll tell you, you can’t see it, but the minute I started to use my face in this way, my hand started to move. So, it’s all connected. The more you move your face and we have so many muscles in our face, the more you smile, the more especially you use your brow and your eyes and your mouth and your cheek muscles, the more expressive your voice and the rest of you will be and it’s extremely important for video, especially for the kinds of talking head, personality videos that are so popular and so important to be able to do.

If you want to learn more about how to have great facial expression and how it’s connected with the rest of you, and everything else about being on stage and on camera presentation, please go on over to where you can claim your free gift. And I’m going to ask you for something else: Please hit subscribe and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified every time I create a new video. I’ll see you there. Take care.

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