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Why My Kids Can Get Jobs

My kids have always been able to get jobs… through the recession and beyond. The reason why is they are GREAT presenters. They know how to give a firm handshake, dress and groom themselves appropriately, make eye contact and engage in lively conversation.

If you have kids – or kid-relatives or kid-friends – teach them how to present themselves well and they will have a fantastic competitive advantage.

4 thoughts on “Why My Kids Can Get Jobs”

    1. Gwen, go to my homepage at Fill in your name & email and you’ll automatically receive it. I do say that on the video, so regret it wasn’t clear.

  1. Ruth,
    You are amazing. Excellent real life back drop. Honest, real and raw. I felt you were speaking my own words. Good job Mama and I’m honored to have listened to your video.
    Terrie Thomas.

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