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Trump to host #Oscars? #TrumpVlog

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If you are worried about Donald Trump becoming President, don’t. There is zero chance of that. There are surface things that need to be in place for someone running for this office. Like having the adoring family standing by your side. I haven’t seen Melania or Ivanka or Donald, Jr., or the other “Trumpettes.” I think he knows all this and deep down, he may not actually want to be President. I do, however, think he wants to keep himself in the public eye and he is the best at that.  Donald Trump is a master of the media.

Think about it: Announcing he’s running, then each business and joint venture partner announcing day after day after day that they’re cutting him off. Then his Arizona speech and all the media coverage. He’s almost never off the front page. His polling is up. The GOP and other candidates are scared. It’s a brilliant strategy.

Trump is immensely entertaining, too. Take a look at his Instagram videos. If you think of him as a bloviator in his public speeches (and he certainly can be), his videos are as short and effective as can be. He does them from his desk and makes one point. I particularly like this one.

As I wrote in my last post, the idea of constantly having to self-promote is exhausting. I think that may be true for me and for others. Maybe it’s introversion. It’s clearly not true for Trump, who seems to love it. I think one has to to be good at it.

Those of us who don’t find it enjoyable simply have to find another way.



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