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Hyping Myself Has Become Exhausting

There was a great article by Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post concerning our culture of social media self-promotion.  She particularly takes issue with what she terms the “humble-brag.”

“As in: ‘I looked like a wet mop the day I got the Pulitzer.’ Something like that.”

She’s onto something. I’ve felt it for years. Having to constantly post pictures of cool locations I happen to be in. And I am fortunate indeed to live in a beautiful waterfront community near NYC.

Of course, my husband and I worked our tails off to provide this lifestyle for ourselves and the kids, but that’s not what I generally reveal. No. I take photos of the gorgeous surroundings, with a caption about working from the beach today (humble-brag). Or Instagram a photo of Times Square USA, as if I own the place (humble-brag). While I’m regularly in New York because it’s my hub city and a place where many of my clients are, I don’t own a home there any more (humble-brag), much as I’d like to have a little pied-å-terre.

The whole thing has started to give me a headache. Like Parker, my parents taught me if you had money, you didn’t talk about it. And the people who did, well, they were really broke.

I think that’s accurate.

Going to be trying to break this habit. After breaking the original one.

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