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It’s a problem that President Obama uses ISIL to describe the terrorist organization, The Islamic State, instead of ISIS, which is what everyone else seems to use. It makes him seem above everyone else, like he’s got some special, privileged lingo. It makes him seem insulated from the people.

4 thoughts on “ISIS or ISIL”

  1. Love this Ruth!!!! I didn’t know what ISIL was until I just learned it from you!! On top of feeling stupid, people are also afraid to raise their hand and ask in fear of exposing that they’re as stupid as they feel!!! Such a good point. We shouldn’t assume that everyone knows.

    1. I had to look it up, Eve. Smart people doing dumb things. Or, they’re not as smart as they pretend to be, OR, they’re not smart about these types of things.

  2. What a great point…
    Speak the language your audience (client/prospect) understands!
    Ruth, you’re absolutely correct.
    If someone doesn’t understand my language, I doubt that they would engage in a business relationship with me. I will now pay attention to the words and acronyms that I use.
    Thanks for sharing.

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