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How to Use a Confidence Monitor

If you have ever spoken on a stage, you know it’s hard to remember everything you want to say. You struggle with notes or you turn and look at your slides to give yourself a jog. There is a better way and it’s called a confidence monitor. Basically, a confidence monitor is a TV that sits at the foot of the stage that has your notes so you can glance down and stay on track.

Many professional speakers use these and they’re very helpful. One thing they are NOT: A substitute for learning your presentation. You have to practice and rehearse. The confidence monitor is merely an aid – a great aid, but only an aid. If you want to be engaging, the confidence monitor isn’t going to help you. You have to practice.

2 thoughts on “How to Use a Confidence Monitor”

  1. This was great! Thanks for sharing about Confidence Monitors. I’ve seen these and didn’t know what they were called. I knew it was different from a teleprompter. Very helpful. Love your video blog Ruth! – Mariposa

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