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Ferguson, Police Uniforms, & Keeping The Peace

The Ferguson, Missouri debacle might not have been prevented, but it’s a fact that what the police wore exacerbated matters. This video is about how what we wear influences how we are perceived and how we feel ourselves. It’s important to consider dress and adornment when speaking and presenting on stage and on camera.

7 thoughts on “Ferguson, Police Uniforms, & Keeping The Peace”

  1. Ruth, I am from St. Louis. I used to live in Ferguson. I am so tired of people on the outside who only viewed what happened through the major network’s vision, make comments on what they believe to be true. While what the officers wore may have had a slight bit of affect, did you notice the looting and the burning down of the buildings happened before the police presence on Sunday? Did you know that people were carrying weapons, throwing bottles, and homemade bombs? The police were not there for a picnic. Even after the police changed their clothing because the politicians were scared, the looting became even worse and the tank re-entered the picture. The looting did not stop until key figures in the area started going out late at night to communicate with the protesters- they tried to “talk them down” and diffuse the situation. Also weather even played a factor. Right after the incident there was uncharacteristically gorgeous spring like weather. Then on some of the calmer nights, there were huge storms which caused people to go home, and this past week we had record heat with heat indexes of 105+ degrees. So please do not pretend to understand what happened and equate a huge issue to a simple issue of what people wear! It is not fair to everyone (protesters who are trying to make changes and policeman trying to save lives including their own) who are involved with this situation.

    1. Elaine,
      Thanks so much for your response. It’s very important to hear voices from the “front.” Of course, I know what we see reported is only scratching the surface.

      I make comments very narrowly focusing on specific things within my areas of expertise. I did say (I think) that the situation might not have been avoided even with another choice of uniform. The choice of dress influences how people feel on both ends. It’s far from simple, though a lot of people think it is.

      It was a terrible situation. Hope it’s calmed down. Seems the media has finally, and blessedly, lost interest.

  2. very astute observations. i support direct participatory democracy. it is the only alternative our constitution allows other than representative democracy. with 2/3 ot those so voting, we can change any law in the land. we can elect to choose from the registered voter citizen of the democratic peoples population those to serve in all elective, appointive, political civil service positions on all levels of governance-local/regional/state/federal-for all executive, judicial, legislative functions (keeping salaries/benefits in place) for 2 year nonconcurrent, nonrecurrent terms.
    every citizen should be directly involved in the progression of their community.

    very nice look you’ve put together

    1. Thank you, Matinah. I’m not as knowledgeable as you are regarding the way governments are elected, terms, etc., so don’t have an opinion to share, but I do support the people’s right to protest peacefully.

  3. Wow are you really off base here. The police dress this way because it has become a war zone on the streets in some places. They are there to save lives and keep everyone else safe not a fashion statement. Frankly I would much rather see them in gear that is going to protect themselves and other innocent community members than get killed by thugs and then no one is there to help.

    Really you are going to comment on the police, how about the hundreds of punks with their pants hanging off their back side, wife beater tanks and hat on backwards. What kind of message does that send or are you too afraid to tackle that? There is no room for political correctness when situations are out of control. You had better hope and pray that these officers are well armed and protected someday if you should find yourself in a similar situation. If they get wounded or killed who will protect you and your loved ones?

    What is your point about military gear anyway? They are the ones who protect this country so you and I can live in relative peace and live the lives we do. They are the only reason you are able to do what you do and make a great living doing it. Next time you decide to take on a subject that involves the men and women who unselfishly put their lives on the line everyday I hope that you give it a lot more thought. You really missed the mark on this one!

    1. We disagree, Elizabeth. The way we dress increases the chances of a good outcome in almost every situation. I didn’t make it up. It’s a fact. Have you noticed the reports where the local chief of police was speaking to the community? He was dressed casually. Not even in a uniform. There is a reason for that. Thanks for writing. I do enjoy a good back and forth.

  4. Welcome back Ruth. Interesting video and viewer response. You do what you teach; that was evident in your taking the time to respond to the viewer’s comments.

    In my new book “Practical Strategies for Successful Business Matchmaker Meetings”, I covered proper attire for the business owner and the impact it can have on the perception of the matchmaker hosts. I also discussed how it impacts the energy, confidence level, attitude and behavior of the business owner. So good to see my comments were in line with your teaching.

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