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Advice for Candidates in Democratic Debate

I was quoted in Time yesterday about what the candidates had to do to to break through during the Democratic Debate. Remember: The best communicator always wins.

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14 October 2015 | 0 Comments

Tags: Bernie Sanders , Democratic Debate , Hillary Clinton , Leadership , Martin O'Malley , Political Communication , Presentation skills , public speaking

Pope Francis, Symbols & Communication Failure

The Pope was in town last week. There was great anticipation for his visit, as there is with every Pope, but Francis seemed to have something special. From the minute he began his papacy, he seemed far more inclusive than his predecessors. His manner bespoke humility. He chose to live in a smaller, less ostentatious residence in Vatican City. His words were crafted to convey non-judgment. These careful and deliberate messages were intended to confirm that this pope was different, new, with fresh ideas about how to treat the marginalized. And then, poof, all gone, with one, depressing misstep.

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02 October 2015 | 0 Comments

Tags: Catholic Church , Communication , Political Communication , Pope Francis , public speaking

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