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Who Won The 2nd GOP Debate? - Ruth Sherman with Marcia Kramer of CBS

I watched the 2nd GOP Debate. It was clear to me that Carly Fiorina won. She deployed her considerable talents and skills as a public speaker and presenter. She also prepared. Watch my discussion with Chief Political Correspondent Marcia Kramer of CBS.

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21 September 2015 | 0 Comments

Tags: Ben Carson , Carly Fiorina , CBS News , Donald Trump , Marcia Kramer , Political Communication , public speaking

Kanye West: How NOT To Give An Awards Acceptance Speech

Kanye West just cannot get out of his own way. In his acceptance speech for the VMA Vanguard Award, a huge honor, he once again lacked the grace, humility, and, frankly, the skills to deliver the speech his audience deserved to hear. At the start I thought he was might be about to redeem himself, acknowledging and perhaps even apologizing for his outrageously rude behavior at the 2009 awards show when he snatched an award out of the hands of Taylor swift because, in his opinion, others were more deserving (Beyoncé). Within seconds, however, he veered into familiar territory.

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03 September 2015 | 3 Comments

Tags: Awards Acceptance Speech , Kanye West , Making an Impression , MTV VMA Vanguard Award , Preparation , public speaking

Carly Fiorina Breaks Through Because Of Her Presentation Skills

I was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle ( on Carly Fiorina's debut as a presidential candidate. It was a breakthrough performance for her. Her presentation skills were solid, even masterful.

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18 August 2015 | 0 Comments

Tags: Carly Fiorina , confident public speaking , GOP Debate , Political Communication , Presentation skills , Presidential Election

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