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Why I Ignore The Happiness Police

I read an essay by a philosopher who pointed out what she characterized as tyranny and bullying by people who believe there is no place for negative feelings, or that one cannot simultaneously complain or even suffer and feel generally satisfied or happy. I know I always cringe when I say something negative about myself or another only to be told I need to change my mindset and think positively. Here’s why I ignore them…

5 thoughts on “Why I Ignore The Happiness Police”

  1. Great video, Ruth! I agree completely. It is important to acknowledge the full range of emotions that we all, as human beings, have. I agree that it is possible to have feelings of anger or sadness and still be happy. Actually, I think it’s necessary.

  2. This is a conversation I love! And I agree! Too many people think that being negative and/or having a negative emotion is wrong and those people should be very careful, because pushing away your emotions will make you sick…..very sick! Anything we don’t want to be or resist being, will only gain power if we don’t embrace it. Sure, it’s great to be happy and positive, but if you aren’t sad, angry and negative at the times you’re feeling it, than your “happiness” is just an act anyway. When you move through the feeling, whatever that feeling is, you will be free to feel better and be truly happy. Thanks Ruth! This is an important conversation!

  3. Hi Ruth! Love your videos – thanks a bunch! Still working on mine. I just started doing them about 2 weeks ago. I totally agree with you on this, even though I do have a program to increase your happiness factor and I’m about being happier with life/yourself. I definitely don’t believe in not feeling or going through your emotions – they are a part of you/life in general. I’m 99.8 percent happy lol but I do have my moments and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s me…and like Eve R mentioned, it’s not good or healthy to push away your emotions it will wreck your body! Have Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to more videos – I already subscribe.

  4. Fear creates stress
    We all fear the unknown
    Trying new things creates unknown outcomes
    Trying new things creates opportunities
    Some of those opportunities create negative emotions
    Understanding why lowers stress
    Don’t avoid new things-understand opportunity
    Understand what REALLY makes you happy

  5. Bravo Ruth! Couldn’t have said it better myself. While I don’t go out of my way to be negative, I find being present with whatever feelings are their to be the only way out of them. To be honest, I don’t think these “happiness police” are half as placid as they want everyone to believe. The nastiest, most brutal emails I have received have come from someone with either peace, love or joy in their email address. (Honest! You can’t make this stuff up!)

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