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Using Bad Words in a Presentation

People are using a lot of curse words, swear words, 4-letter words, or just plain “bad” words in presentations. I’ve even used them on (very) rare occasions. Here’s the main thing you have to keep in mind: You must know your audience. You also have to know the protocol of the event itself and the hosts of the event. Now, truth be told, I don’t recommend letting the F-bomb fly. People are very tolerant, but you can alienate people unnecessarily.

It’s less acceptable in corporate settings than other types of settings. It also has to be consistent with your brand.

Also, it’s generational. Younger people are more comfortable with salty language than older people are.

Confession time: I am a major potty mouth. I love using these words. But I’m also mindful it’s not a necessary component of my brand, so I temper it on stage and on camera.

2 thoughts on “Using Bad Words in a Presentation”

  1. Great response and explanation. Also, great business building tip regarding your explanation of why you used the F-Bomb at the conference and how it could increase lead generation for your business.

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