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Home Depot’s Sexy Voice

Have you heard the Home Depot’s TV commercials? The campaign is entitled, “Let’s Do This.” I hadn’t been aware of it until a couple of months ago because I guess they weren’t playing much in my local market.

Anyway, these ads immediately caught my attention. And the reason why is the voice-over. Turns out it’s Josh Lucas, the actor. Lucas isn’t a particularly big star, but he’s definitely a name. If you haven’t heard them, go online and see for yourself. You may or may not recognize his voice, but you will find it very appealing and charismatic.

Now, I come from the professional voice industry… used to do jingles and voice-overs myself… so I have an interest and ability to grasp the impact when I hear something good. And Lucas’ voice is really, really good. He makes the Home Depot sexy. Think about that for a minute – a sexy home improvement store.

(Here is a funny thing… the client clearly decided not to spend money on the radio version of this same campaign, so they found a voice-over artist whose voice is similar but not close enough and the difference is stark.)

This is the beauty of a great narration done by a great speaking voice with just the right pitch, inflection, and tone. Lucas’s tone is commanding, yet fun. Of course, the cool, original music underscore, a rock/blues vibe moves things along. The copywriting is also very good.

But it’s really all about the sound execution – first the voice, then the music that makes me want to run to Home Depot and buy something.

Imagine if your voice compelled people to buy something.