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Home Depot’s Sexy Voice

Have you heard the Home Depot’s TV commercials? The campaign is entitled, “Let’s Do This.” I hadn’t been aware of it until a couple of months ago because I guess they weren’t playing much in my local market.

Anyway, these ads immediately caught my attention. And the reason why is the voice-over. Turns out it’s Josh Lucas, the actor. Lucas isn’t a particularly big star, but he’s definitely a name. If you haven’t heard them, go online and see for yourself. You may or may not recognize his voice, but you will find it very appealing and charismatic.

Now, I come from the professional voice industry… used to do jingles and voice-overs myself… so I have an interest and ability to grasp the impact when I hear something good. And Lucas’ voice is really, really good. He makes the Home Depot sexy. Think about that for a minute – a sexy home improvement store.

(Here is a funny thing… the client clearly decided not to spend money on the radio version of this same campaign, so they found a voice-over artist whose voice is similar but not close enough and the difference is stark.)

This is the beauty of a great narration done by a great speaking voice with just the right pitch, inflection, and tone. Lucas’s tone is commanding, yet fun. Of course, the cool, original music underscore, a rock/blues vibe moves things along. The copywriting is also very good.

But it’s really all about the sound execution – first the voice, then the music that makes me want to run to Home Depot and buy something.

Imagine if your voice compelled people to buy something.

32 thoughts on “Home Depot’s Sexy Voice”

  1. Seems surprising that Home Depot wouldn’t want to keep a consistent ‘voice’ and only hire an actor who would do both radio and TV. But you bring a great comparison about how a voice influences your message.

    1. It was very expensive to hire Josh Lucas and probably exceeded their budget by a lot. They should’ve spent the money and, if the campaign is successful, maybe they will.

  2. Love the new look, Ruth! So sophisticated and sexy!!! 🙂

    My favorite takeaway from the vblog is the idea of using my voice as my business card! My voice is what my clients hear when I’m coaching & teaching, whether it is live, on a teleclass, webinar, or podcast! It is my most often used asset! Thanks for the meaningful and practical tips you always give us!

  3. Ruth

    You are the trainer’s trainer. You see the subtleties,
    the extras, that make us go from good to great.

    Your new site is Magnificent.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    Very true – I do not feel empowered at all when I use my ‘little girl’ voice – and yet it creeps in, much to my dismay.

    I agree with you about the Home Depot commercials – made me want to do some yard work!



  5. Love how you integrate the casual and the polished in your presentation. Very inspiring to see how I don’t need to control every aspect in order to make an effective video!

  6. Hi Ruth,

    First, may I say that your new website and look is GORGEOUS! I’m so glad I found you and thank you for all the wonderful information, insights and teachings that you offer. (And congratulations on your rebranding!)

    I LOVE Josh Lucas and I think his voice is perfect for Home Depot! (Although I love Ed Harris too and miss his more laid-back, reassuring, “everyman, neighborly” voice.) But sexy Home Depot is good too! :~) I’m a voice actor myself so I understand clients changing their image, by changing a voice, and I just love that you posted a blog about this! Good stuff!

    Hope all is wonderfully well with you, and thank you again for all that you do.


  7. Great new image & launch Ruth -Love it!
    Looking forward to read your book & loved your 3-day event “Charisma” – unparalleled! Congratulations, best wishes.
    Barbara H, MA

  8. Hi Ruth, As always, thank you very much for all your practical and often unusual tips, strategies and ideas. For example, I never really thought of every time we open our mouths it becomes our calling card. Obvious… but I never thought of it like that before.

    Ruth, even though I am a man, I am known as “The Busy Woman’s Coach” and also as “The Coach for the Spiritually Disappointed”. It has also been on my heart to reach out to higher profile people (celebrities, political figures, etc). I would love to help prevent or be pro-active at helping people like Whitney Houston or Robin Williams, just for examples, before things get so difficult for them.

    May I please ask if you have any suggestions? Would I need to have a greater “stage voice” to be attractive to them, like your comments about Josh Lucas? …sorry for the questions! I have been following you for awhile… keep up the great work. I LOVE how your HEART and your PASSION coming shining thru in each of your videos. Blessings… 🙂

    1. I don’t know how you can reach them, Scott, but I know there are people who do. You have to associate with their handlers or be where they gather. Wish I could be more helpful. Thank you for following me. I appreciate your comments.

  9. Another good video thanks Ruth. Personally my voice is still frozen and I am working on defrosting it. Again that takes effort, commitment and tons of risk. I will one day be doing videos like you, that’s my aspiration.

  10. Ruth,

    Congratulations on your book and your new branding – it’s awesome! Gotta love Josh Lucus and God knows those orange Home Depot aprons needed a boost! I’m very animated and your vlogs have reminded me to share my voice in a bigger way! Thanks!

  11. Ruth, I’ve been reading your blog all week long. And, I have to say, I love your new brand “look.” It is such a pleasure to visit your website. It’s professional, and calming. It just feels good to be on the site. Congratulations!
    And, yes, I really like the sexy Home Depot spot with Josh Lucas. It makes me want to go to there, walk the aisles, and look for the sexy voice guy. 🙂

  12. Hi Ruth,
    I wasn’t familiar with the Home Depot commercial prior to today but am familiar with Josh Lucas from his TV role in The Firm. I did watch the commercial on You Tube and I can see how this commercial could provide some inspiration to get busy around the house. Its all in the voice.

  13. Great video Ruth! I have seen the Home Depot commercials you’re talking about and never really looked at it as being “sexy” but now I can’t wait to see one again! As for the radio plug for Home Depot, I don’t recall hearing one. But then again, maybe it does have to do with the voice, meaning I paid more attention when it was on TV and not so much attention via radio.

    I’m just starting to get comfortable with doing videos (still need a lot of work, but at least I started – right?).

    In regard to your new brand and look — very attractive site and I like the colors you selected – top notch for a top notch woman – nice work! I look forward to watching more of you and taking away from your “teaching videos” thanks and have a blessed weekend! 🙂

    PS: Congrats on the book too!!

  14. I haven’t paid any attention to the Home Depot ads to be honest. Now I will!
    Congrats Ruth on a great new look, your launch week and your book! I’ll be ordering it next week, and can’t wait to read it. I know it will be filled with great advice!
    Thank you for all you do!

  15. Anyone can get up and speak but only a few people have charisma. I was attracted to your techniques from the very beginning. You stand out in the crowd as having something special. You also state anyone can develop charisma. There is hope for all of us.
    Josh Lucas teaches how powerful sex appeal really is. He has it.

  16. I love Josh Lucas’ voice! You are so right that it makes me want to go to Home Depot & buy something. I just hear HD’s radio ad (02-25-17) and I think they got someone new. It no longer sounds like Josh & this is very disappointing to me. If this is the case, I am afraid I will be losing my love affair with HD. It’s just not the same.

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