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It’s no secret that video has completely transformed the online marketing scene and taken the Internet by storm. With over 4 billion views on YouTube PER DAY, you simply must take advantage of it. What many savvy marketers who are leveraging this phenomenon realize is that:

Video is the next best thing to face-to-face and in online sales, nothing else even comes close.

Consistently producing high-value, compelling videos will elevate your credibility so that more and more of your perfect, ideal customers see you as THE expert.

Ruth’s trademarked term for her video presentation training programs is VIDEOCHARISMA® … but here is what might be happening for you:

  • You’re just getting started with video and it all seems so complicated, time-consuming and frankly, overwhelming. From equipment and lighting to makeup and wardrobe, presenting yourself on-camera extends far beyond simply pressing “record.” Oh and let’s not forget YouTube. If you do have a channel, perhaps you’ve never uploaded anything or you haven’t touched it in months. This is a key learning element in video presentation training.
  • You’ve been doing video for a little while (but not consistently). You’re convinced it’s the best way to connect more deeply with your target audience and supercharge your online sales, but you’ve never had any video presentation coaching. You’re thinking it’s high time to stop dipping your toe in and take the plunge. It’s time to get serious about video, use it to promote your brilliance, and become the trusted authority in your industry.
  • You are consistently using video in your marketing, but there’s something missing. Maybe it’s your video presentation skills or you’ve been having trouble monetizing your videos. You’ve realized it’s time to make all your efforts pay off.

Whichever category you find yourself in, Ruth’s VideoCharisma® video presentation training programs were created with you in mind so you can learn step-by-step how to plan, shoot and launch engaging videos that sell.

Following are some of the skills you MUST master if you want to be not just good, but AMAZING on camera:

  • EQUIPMENT: Everything you need to shoot and upload video.
  • SETTING & BACKGROUND: If you are promoting a high-priced service or product, but your video background screams “Broke!”, then proper background staging will enhances your image and your message.
  • LIGHTING: Ruth’s celebrity clients know that flattering light is the key to hiding flaws and making you look great. Ruth’s VideoCharisma® video presentation coaching and training shares the best, most economical lighting, including lights you already have.
  • MAKEUP: Ruth knows exactly what to use and how much to apply to make the most of your best features, whether you think you’re attractive or not. (Gentlemen, this goes for you, too!) By the way, Ruth believes all her clients are beautiful and handsome.
  • DRESS & ADORNMENT: What colors, patterns, outfits, and accessories communicate the right image? It’s different for everyone and after one look from Ruth, she will tell you which ones to keep and which to ditch.
  • PRESENTATION: Presentation is king and you can only project your unique charisma and presence through movement, facial expression and voice. Regarding voice and sound, it’s at least as important as the footage and sometimes more so.
  • YOUTUBE: The one, the only. Videocharisma® video presentation training will get you set up and comfortable, because with 4 Billion views per DAY this platform simply cannot be ignored.

And, of course…

  • CONTENT – You can have all the above, but if your words and messages don’t move people, don’t inspire them to take action, it’s all  useless. You’ll learn some simple formulas that tap into the extensive knowledge you already have to deliver information your  stakeholders want and need.

Ruth delivers coaching live, online, privately, or in groups.

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