Practice + Experience

= spontaneity


Language that resonates – the words we bring to our public – must immediately grab attention and move people to action.

Titles of programs and presentations, taglines, business and promotional messages, as well as the way we communicate during a crisis, all contribute to our success – or failure. It’s something a lot of pros struggle with.

By working with Ruth to develop your key messages, you’ll learn what works to quickly capture attention and provoke action. Coming up with just the right words and crafting them into messages that resonate, result in repeatable memes that quickly communicate who you are and what you stand for. Furthermore, they remain sturdy for years to come. Working via collaborative, focused, and directed discussions, you’ll come away with precise and powerful language that motivates, inspires, and persuades. As a result of this message and speech development process, your target markets will know exactly what you do and why they should buy.

If you’re struggling with how to compose and organize your messages, schedule some time with Ruth.

Some of the areas covered in message development include:

  • VENUE & FORMAT: Before we begin message or speech development, we must clearly identify the venue or platform. Next, we select the correct format, such as statement form, conversational tone, or Q&A, which then informs the “voice” with which to share the message.
  • KEY MESSAGES: These are the phrases and sentences that roll off the tongue smoothly and easily. They are clear and certain. They just feel right, because they are authentic and true. Designed for repetition and use in a variety of settings, we develop the key phrases that motivate clients to request more. And nothing sells like certainty.
  • ADJUSTMENT & ADAPTATION: There are many platforms and even more audiences. Persuasive message and speech development requires us to adjust and adapt content to accommodate a rapidly changing communication landscape. We test, we learn, we adapt.

Language influences behavior. That’s all there is to it.

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Key Message Development

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