Practice + Experience

= spontaneity


Think getting in front of thousands is big? What about millions? That’s the power of “The Media.”

The explosion of broadcast and social media and the resulting 24/7 scrutiny is growing exponentially. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to meet the press.

Perhaps you’re an expert on a hot topic, or you’re promoting something new and exciting. Perhaps you’re on the front lines of a crisis. If you have a platform that the media is hungry to know more about, then you need media training. Whether on GMA, the evening news, or cable, you must be ready to go with messages and the discipline it takes to stick to them – regardless of what’s being asked. You also have to look and sound confident, poised, and knowledgeable, while communicating warmth and accessibility. Media training is the only way to get there.

Media training for Entrepreneurs includes:

  • MEDIA VENUES: Become familiar with the various press-related environments, eliminate surprises and distractions, and stay focused on the task at hand, whether print, TV, radio, or Internet.
  • MESSAGES & TALKING POINTS: Develop primary messages that are compelling, easy to remember and deliver in concise “sound bites,” as well as supporting information that conveys your authority and depth of knowledge.
  • CONTROLLING THE INTERVIEW: As a result of Ruth’s media coaching, it is unlikely an interview will veer irretrievably off-track. However, should an interviewer attempt to move the conversation “sideways,” you’ll be well-equipped to steer them back and stay there by utilizing Ruth’s proprietary bridging and redirecting techniques.
  • ON-CAMERA PRESENTATION: You’ll know where to look, how to sit, move, and sound in frenetic and distracting studio environments or when broadcasting from remote locations (when interviewer is in the studio and you are elsewhere).
  • CAMERA READINESS: Appearance standards must be understood and met for maximum impact and clients can no longer count on networks and stations, and certainly not internet/video media outlets to offer assistance.  Media coaching for entrepreneurs includes clear and achievable advice and recommendations you can use to look your very best, including dress, adornment, and make-up.

Ruth’s media training programs always use video recording and playback so you see yourself as others do, make the adaptations, and deliver a knockout performance.

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