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Delivering A Keynote During Baltimore Unrest

I have been booked for months to deliver an opening keynote before an association in Baltimore. Considering the events of the past few weeks, I’ve had to rethink my opening remarks. It is something I didn’t expect, nor can any speaker predict. But it pays to be prepared.

6 thoughts on “Delivering A Keynote During Baltimore Unrest”

  1. Love it, Ruth!! I am giving a speech this weekend and can’t wait! You are very inspiring! How did you start getting keynotes like this?

    1. Word of mouth, Jaime, and these folks found me online saying they enjoyed my videos. Thanks for your comments.

  2. You should emphasize that major corporations and industries need to stand behind an overall change in policy for police which totally denies uses of any lethal force, which considers no homocide justifiable, and that retries court cases for cops going as far back as necessary to make sure they recieve punishment for murder.

    1. Can’t do that as it’s not my mandate. I will however acknowledge the situation. Looks like the officials have done the right thing… so far. Thanks for your comment

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