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How to Walk Onto A Stage

When you walk onto a stage after being introduced, there is a way to do it. And a way not to. Watch to see it demonstrated.

10 thoughts on “How to Walk Onto A Stage”

  1. Wow — the difference between the walks was amazing. Thanks for showing us how we can improve our stage presence.

    1. I know, right, Peggy? It may seem like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Thank you for commenting here.

  2. I’ve seen both of those speaker walks, and the 2nd DEFINITELY is a more powerful introduction to the audience. Now that you’ve shown the walk, may I suggest a “How to Dance on Stage Without Looking Like a Moron” video? I know a BUNCH of people who could use that info! 😉

  3. Hi, Ruth

    Thanks for the cogent reminder about putting energy even into the walk approaching the microphone. It really does make quite the statement.
    That’s particularly important in terms of my topic – how couples with ED can reignite intimacy after cancer and its adverse treatment effects.
    Many may regard this as a “deadly” topic. But the walk you have talked (!) can begin to reverse that attitude in a decidedly non-verbal way! Way cool!! – -Rabbi Dr. Ed Weinsberg

    1. Thank you, Ed. The nonverbals do make us feel better, more powerful – the research is very clear on that. BTW, you should attend my Charisma On-Stage workshop on 11-12 Sept. LMK if you would like details.

    1. Hey, Pauline – thank you! And great way to characterize it – on before we’re “on.” I’d love to see you at my Charisma On-Stage workshop in NYC 11-12 Sept. LMK if you’re interested. Small, intensive, and all around technique.

  4. So glad I could inspire this ezine! Yes, that’s right the famous Ruth coached me on the fact that I was in the 80% who could have done it better….Now I know how to!

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