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How to Summon Your Charisma Like Katy Perry

I was talking to Suzanne Evans recently. We were discussing charisma, how to be really magnetic, but in particular how you just have to summon the energy, the will AND the passion to be fully present when you have people who’ve taken part of their busy lives to be with you.

Suzanne clued me into the biopic by Katy Perry, “Part of Me.” There’s a scene where she’s preparing to go onstage at a big arena for a concert. Thousands of fans are there to see her; they’ve paid good money for their ticket. Yet, she is distraught over her recent breakup with Russell Brand, her ex-husband, who’s taken to the airwaves to cruelly mock her and their relationship.

She’s sobbing and her handlers are asking if she’s ok, does she want to cancel, and she says no. This continues through the makeup and costume phase and is her companion as she walks down the corridor to make her entrance. Just before she is about to be lifted up to the stage on a platform, and after one final sob, she switches it on. Her smile is big, she transports herself to where she needs to be. It’s not about her.

And it’s not about you, either. Find the energy, summon the passion, make it happen. That’s the job. It’s your choice.

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