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How to Find Your Good Side for Video & Photography

4 thoughts on “How to Find Your Good Side for Video & Photography”

  1. Great video Ruth and so true. We all are overly picky about ourselves on video. Lately I see my mom’s mouth every time I look at a personal video. I also notice the drooping skin, wrinkles, etc and it isn’t fun. But like you said, Just Do It!
    Thanks for all your encouragement about video.

    1. I know, Beverly, right? I see my mother, too. And although I adored my mom, and she had the most beautiful skin until the day she died, I’m not crazy about the idea that as I age, I will look like her at least in her later years. Hey, my daughters don’t want to look too much like me, either haha.

    1. I can hear it, Mary Kay. Try the YouTube version. Just go to my channel, and you’ll see it near the top. Thanks for trying and lmk what you think when you do hear it.

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