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Here is What a YouTube Trailer Should Look Like

Welcome to my YouTube Channel. This is place where you’ll find everything you want to know about how to be a confident and polished presenter on stage, how to be fantastic on camera, how to cure stage fright, how to look good on camera, how to do makeup for video, how to create content and messages for stage and video, how to tell great stories that keep audiences engaged, how to create a great YouTube trailer, and how to convert your presentations and videos to cash and make more money using these incredibly powerful media. You have Charisma. I guarantee it.

8 thoughts on “Here is What a YouTube Trailer Should Look Like”

  1. Wow! Thanks for a great example of “what to do” on a trailer. I loved all the testimonials and social proof that your stuff works!

    Way to go Ms. Charisma aka Ruth Sherman

    1. Ha! thank you, Madame Profit Power Goddess, AKA Kathleen Gage. I had fun with this one. Took me to do the 3-day and teach about it to get it done. Amazing what motivates me.

  2. Ruth, that was fantastic! I have been trying to figure out how to create my trailer for about a month now because I did not have a single clue how to make one. You are awesome! Thank you!

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