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No Shortcuts To Mastery

Oh, man, can I tell you how sick I am of hacks talking about hacks? (That’s the unknowledgeable talking about quick fixes.) We’re living in a time of instant gratification. Fine. I like it, too… When it comes to downloading entertainment (and paying for it – stop sharing stealing artists’ work, people, or they’ll stop producing it), books, staying current, sharing things I own, communicating, etc.

Here is a perfect example: A prospect will ask me to come in to do a one-day workshop. I respond that I don’t do one-days because they don’t work. Another example: Someone tells me they have a speech next week and they need it to be great. Can I help? I can, but it won’t be great. You cannot deliver a great presentation with only a week from start to finish. Sorry.

Here are the things you’ll never hear from me: “It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s painless.”

Here is what you will always hear: “It’s fun. It’s fascinating. When you’ve reached your goal, you’ll feel exhilarated.”